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के ये धनवा तूरे जनक तेरे द्वार पर भीर भए भारी


Many of the lyrics of Chutney songs come from the narrative of the Ramayan or Mahabharat. This is because Chutney draws its content from the folk tradition which has songs of Hindu religious references.

A famous scene in the Ramayan is an enraged Parsuram rushing into the Swayamvar to confront the one who had just broken the Bow of Shiva. In this popular Braj Bhasha folk song from Suriname, that was made into a Chutney, the dialogue that ensued was related:

Parashuram asks:
के ये धनवा तूरे जनक तेरे द्वार पर भीर भए भारी!!!?
(Who broke the bow in this crowded assembly of yours, Oh Janak!!!?)

परसुरमा फरसा लैके आए, सभा बीच ललकारे
(Parashuram on bringing his axe challenged Janak in the middle of the assembly)

Raja Janak replies:
मोरे घरे बाटिन देखो सीता कुवाँरी, हम देबे कन्या दान
(At my house Sita is unmarried, I will giving her hand in marriage)

कोई गरिआवे रजा जनक के, कोई राम महतारी
(Someone insults Janak, another even insults Ram’s mother in the crowded assembly)