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ढ़वा बेईमान माँगे करैली के चोखा

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Often Bhojpuri folk songs expressed the plight of the women folk. Often daughter-in-laws endured a lot regarding the curelty she met at her in-law’s. Here is one such example in a folk song from Suriname. Thanks MissRoshny BaithakSisters en Infotainment for the video:

ढ़वा बेईमान माँगे करैली के चोखा
(The old geezer wants karaili chokha)

आधी आधी रतिया के आवे लफंगिया
(The old wretch came in the middle of the night)
खोल के केवडिया बोलइले दुल्हनिया
(On opening the door and said to me)
नैहर जे सानल सनावल पिसान
(You’re no longer in your mother’s house, get to work!)
भइया के बोलाए बंध कर ले केवडिया
(He told brother to close the door)
हथवा पकड़ खोल दिहने चुनरिया
(Grabbing my hanbd and opened my veil)
पिया परदेस हम रेहली नदान
(My beloved abroad and I stayed innocent)
तकरिया हो राजा बड़ा मजा दिहले
(Oh king, you maked the dish so tasty)






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