Top 10 Year End Countdown 2019

Here are Top 10 songs for 2019 on as determined by our users:

  1. Gunga Gana Remix by Ravi B & Dubraj Persad (2019 Chutney Soca Music)
  2. Start Over By Ravi B
  3. Gunga Ghana by Dubraj Persad
  4. Im Proud To Be A Guyanese By Nishal B
  5. Ruk Ja O Dil Dewanee By Mr Nice Vibes & Dr Seales
  6. Divorce by GI Beharry
  7. Ashnie Mashup by Vanessa Ramoutar
  8. Natasha By KI & The Band
  9. Boom Boom [Girls Like You] By Nisha Baksh & Ashish Baksh
  10. Bazoodee By Princess Priya

By Chutney Music

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