2020 Chutney Soca Monarch Semi-Finals Disappointment


CSM 25
As I sit in the spectator seat of the semi finals of the CSM competition this year I MUST express my DISAPPOINTMENT with the comments that was made by our own DJs, artistes and sadly fans…

Little do they know the HARD work, DETERMINATION, COURAGE, TIME and MONEY It cost each and every one of these young aspiring artistes..

Just for your info a breakdown of some
Song writer $5000
Studio $6000
Dancers atlease $150 per
Video $3000
Costume $1000

Yet you guys sit with the luxury of a sell phone and just bash and disgrace each artiste that was on stage last night .
Yet still if we artists don’t sing and produce these songs allyu djs won’t have a job, allyu party going to be boring nothing to dance to ..so here is my answer for you guys

Unless you can write a song better dan these artistes, pay for production,hold microphone in front 100s of people and most of all put on the biggest show that keeps our Indian culture alive let’s try to refrain the negative comments… ❤️❤️❤️

To my fellow Artists
Keep pushing, keep trying, keep putting your music out there … Never ever give up and one day you would reap the fruits of your hard work …

For all the positive supporters thanks for the love 💗 and motivation..

-Omardath .