How to Enter the 2021 Chutney Brass Competition & Applicable Rules

How To Enter The 2021 Chutney Brass Competition & Applicable Rules

1. CHUTNEY BRASS 2021 COMPETITION Is Open To All Chutney and Chutney Soca Bands Based In Trinidad & Tobago,The Caribbean
& Other Parts Of The World


3. To Enter The Competition, Forward All Band Information
To –
(A) Name Of Band
(B) Band Room Address
(C) High Definition Photograph Of Band
(D) Number Of Members Comprising Band
(E)Contact Details For Leader / Manager
(F) Social Media Handles

4. Eight (8) Bands Will Be Selected For The Grand Finals Via In House Judging Of All Competing Bands Live Recorded Video Presentations, To Be Produced and Presented By Each Band, No Longer Than 20 Minutes

5. Deadline To Submit Video Presentation To Organizing Committee At, Is 12 Midnight January 14th 2021

6. Video Presentation Judging Points Allocation Are As Follows :
Impact ~ 100 Points

7. At The Grand Finals Points Allocation Are As Follows :
Test Piece ~ 25 Points
Overall Impact ~ 25 Points
Presentation ~ 20 Points
Crowd Response ~ 20 Points
Crossover Segment ~ 10 Points


8. At The Grand Finals, Prizes Are As Follows :
1st Prize ~ $100,000 TTD
2nd ~ 8th Prizes To Be Announced In December 2020

9. The Grand Finals Is Scheduled For Carnival Sunday 14th February 2021 At A Venue To Be Announced

10. Performance Time For Each Band At The Grand Finals is Twenty (20) Minutes, With A Set Up Time Of Six (6) Minutes

11. The Judges Decision Are FINAL

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