2021 Chutney Soca Mix of Viral Videos from Chutneymusic.com Part 1

Chutney Soca 2021 Mix of Viral Videos from Chutneymusic.com Part 1

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Canadian Guyanese Dancing to Phool Tumhe
0:57 Shania & Mom swinging to Bollywood
1:38 Dougla Girl from Guyana Dances to Devanand Gattoo
1:53 Who Go Marry You Manicou by Adesh Samaroo
2:18 Sai Loutoo-Jagroop shake her big bumper to Tassa
2:52 Uncle in Chaguaramas Trinidad cutting the Grass for the Neighbour to Pass
3:40 Andrew Too Real Kanchan & Babla Dance
4:04 Suveer Tight Pant Gunga Ghana
4:34 Regular Show: Mordecai, Rigby, Vedesh Sookoo

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