2021 Chutney Soca Monarch CSM26 Semi-Finalists

2021 Chutney Soca Monarch CSM26 Semi-Finalists

At the close of registration on Friday 15th January, 65 artistes had registered for the 26th edition of the Chutney Soca Monarch. After the screening which took place on Saturday, 36 artistes will now move to the second stage of the annual competition.
Of the 65 registered artistes, 13 applications came through our agents in Canada, USA and Guyana.

The semi-final round will be pre-recorded and packaged into 2 segments and will be aired on 30th and 31st January through our ‘Official Media Partners’, CNC3, Sangeet106.1 and through various social media pages which includes Facebook and YouTube.

A ‘text 2 vote’ element is being reintroduced in 2021 to make the event more interactive and more exciting for the viewing public that will now be open to persons across the globe.

The fact that the show will be pre-packaged and open only to an ‘online’ audience presents many opportunities that were never before possible. Over the years, Carnival’s biggest audience has now become the ‘online’ audience, and this presents opportunities for Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean artistes to showcase our culture to the world. These artistes will be our cultural ambassadors that will fly our flag for the next year.
We must congratulate all artistes, producers, musicians, song writers, video producers, and dancers for the efforts that have been made during this very trying time not only in Trinidad and Tobago, or the Caribbean, but the world at large.

Our agents in Guyana, Canada and the USA have also done an amazing job in getting their artistes on board and registered, as this will make this year’s event more global and more encompassing for the Chutney Soca industry.

A spectacular TV production is being planned, as the fact that the event is being pre-recorded and packaged, and recorded at an indoor venue, presents us again with a host of opportunities to make the event look better and make it a better TV product. The event will be fashioned to a similar format as other internationally renowned TV shows such as AGT and Voice, and will be fun and exciting to look at. The ‘text2vote’ element will also add to ensuring that the event is interactive and getting with full audience participation.

Our biggest challenge this year will be sponsorship. However, that being said, we are confident that we will be able to achieve the goals that we have set. We are still presently in talks with our annual sponsors the NLCB and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism that have been very supportive over the last 20 years of this event. Producers are also looking at setting up a link for people to be able to donate to the event if they wish to do so. It must be reiterated however, that the event will remain ‘free’ to the viewing public. The option to donate will be voluntary.
The grand final of the CSM will also be pre-recorded and packaged and will be aired on Carnival Saturday 13th February 2021.

The 36 Artistes that have been selected are as follows –

  1. Joel Davis – Connector
  2. Navin Yankaran
  3. Keith Bishop
  4. Damian Sookram
  5. Prince Jp
  6. Vanita Willie
  7. Vicadi Singh
  8. Tony Cuttz
  9. Saleem Beharry
  10. Daddy Chinee – Ricardo Melville
  11. Rasika Dindial
  12. Riz & Theatrics
  13. Surendra Ramoutar
  14. Derrick Seales
  15. Nigel Gobin
  16. Russel Mohammed
  17. Rajesh Sylvester
  18. Prince Navin Prabhoo
  19. Krishna Ramdass
  20. Sangeeta Harrypersad
  21. Amit Sagram
  22. Anthony Batson
  23. Neeshad Sultan
  24. Dr Tunes – Kess Ramroop
  25. Mr Nice Vibes
  26. Jairam Dindial
  27. Veejai Ramkissoon
  28. Reshma Ramlal
  29. Shiva Lakhan
  30. Nisha Ramsook
  31. Adesh Samaroo
  32. Edward Ramdass
  33. Cherish Ragoonanan
  34. Dubraj Persad
  35. Kenneth Supersad
  36. Avinash Sookraj

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