Climaxxx Wants To Revive Traditional Chutney Music

A Tape with Chutney Singer Climaxxx has been Leaked


Climaxxx is at this time expressing his disappointment over what transpired with his new song.
A few weeks ago, Chutney Soca News revealed he would be collaborating with Chutney Icon Boodram Holass on a traditional chutney.
Well, the song has not yet been released on the local airwaves, but, even as he was preparing to have it launched, he was informed that the song was being sold on the streets in Chaguanas.
On Friday, this was confirmed when Climaxxx took the journey to Chaguanas and bought a copy of a “Chutney CD” with his song as one of the songs on the list.
This he said was very disheartening since it was a breach of privacy.
Though it cannot be confirmed, the question of how it was leaked remains unanswered.
As to what he intends to do about this, the young singer said he is at this time exploring his legal options and could not comment further on the issue.
However, he stated that he felt disrespected and betrayed especially as a young upcoming artiste in the industry.
He insisted that people should show more respect to artistes and their privacy.






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