Alexander William (Aw Lyrical) Biography

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The talented and versatile singer Alexander Williams who was born on the island of Lenguan in the Essequibo River. He often says that “My struggles are what drives me”. This statement is a powerful one indeed,because when we go through struggles in life we tend to look at the future in a different way and we try to find ways to overcome them.

Alexander Williams also known as A w Lyrical Williams was born into a family of poverty. When he was born there was it was additional strain to the family as they were already going through alot of struggles.Therefore his parent gave him up at the age of two and he was disowned by his own parents.and left to be taken care by his grandparents.

His grandparents were old therefore it was a struggle for them to meet his needs,then at the age of 15 years Lyrical tragedy struck when both his grandparents died. He was forced to drop out of school by members of his family to go to work to in order to earn money.

Lyrical said “I had to go work in the backdam for them(family members) just to have a meal to eat. I did that for three years and after that 3 years I ran away and someone who was close to me helped me to build my life. I started my first paying job and got $800 a day. After one year I went into construction and eventually I started to get on my two feet”.

Eventually music became a way of escape for lyrical.It helped to cope and take away all the pain of the struggles that he went through in his life. He would often spend long hours listening to music of all styles,because somehow the lyrics of these songs had a great meaning to him that he could relate to. While he was at work doing construction he sang for his co-workers and entertained them which helped to pass by the day very smoothly.

Lyrical said, “My co-workers encourages me to take my singing to another level. So I gave it a chance and I was put to perform on stage at the age of 20. My first appearance to sing professionally was a success,since everyone loved my voice and my style of singing”.

Lyrical has his own uniqueness,he interchanges genres of music which include spanish,Soca,Reggae,Dancehall and Chutney.
He is a hype performer and entertainer.He loves upbeat music,hence he enjoys performing these styles of music.

Lyrical said that”He started getting calls to perform in Brazil,Lethem and travelled to Berbice,Essequibo and other places. i Iove all kinds of music and make sure that the crowd I am performing for is enjoying every moment of it”.

However one issue that he battled with for a while as a musician, was that people preferred to listen to music outside of Guyana,which stifled the local musician.He also said, that there were challenges when it came to producing and recording music,but the talent of the Guyanese was beyond measures.

Lyrical stated that “We Guyanese just need that link to click on and get that shot like in other places. We have the talent to showcase and we have been doing good work,but the exposure is what we are lacking. Over the years I see myself as a recognised and main artiste in Guyana and further afield”.

Some of lyrical’s musical inspirations are “Terry Gadjraj’ Guyana Baboo and Jamaican Dancehall singer ‘Alkaline’. Lyrical also said that he owes all his success his fans and supporters who have even supporting him and his music throughout the years. One of his aim in life is to make his late grand parents proud and off make himself proud of what he has achieved thus far and in the future.

Lyrical recently released a song with one of his musical inspiration the popular ‘Guyana Baboo’ in Leguan.He says-“Look out for much more from me,because he intends to take Guyana by storm in the upcoming years.”




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