Sally by Anthony Batson

Anthony Batson should have WON the 2020 Chutney Soca Monarch

This was the cry of many diehard Anthony Batson fans thus making him a heavy crowd favourite to take 2020 Chutney Soca Monarch title. However he was unfortunate in this outing but secured a commendable Top 10 Finish. See Official Results here. Living in a multi-cultural society, Anthony Batson found his passion in singing Hindi songs. An Afro-Trinidad, Batson is also a self-taught harmonium, dholak and dhantal player.Batson, whose voice is similar to chutney soca icon Sundar Popo, has won many competitions.

Hear his response to his fans outcry:

With all the love I recieved through this Journey of CSM 25 I would like to thank each and everyone who supported. Thanks to my team who assisted with all the background work putting together my entire performance, to all who contribute to the production #sallyrally . Special thanks to Avatar the band a job well done and to Mr George Singh for allowing me this platform to showcase my talent. Last but not least to all my wonderful supporters who supported me throughout this musical journey, your love and support are greatly appreciated. A heartfelt thanks to everyone!! Let the Sally journey Continue!!