Dil E Nadan

Artists like Raymond, Ravi & KI are doing their part during this Pandemic

This Pandemic is playing with everyone’s emotions. I notice that certain posts are implying that the Artistes( Raymond, Machel, Kes, Ravi, KI) are not helping during this pandemic. However, I can only speak for DEN. The minority who think this is true or who feels that it is their right to go on FB write this is sharing wrong information. During the floods, we donated food hampers, mattresses, appliances and gave hope to hundreds. Raymond and DEN are actively involved with various charities throughout the year. We have been supporting the National Center for Persons with Disabilities for over 15 years. We don’t wait on a Pandemic to help. When we do help we do it from the heart and we often don’t advertise it, because we don’t do it for fame. The Entertainment Industry has been hit very hard just like the others or maybe worst. Carnival celebrations around the world have been canceled, Weddings, Fetes, etc. We now have to only wait and observe what will happen. We have absolutely NO WORK for a long time. So before you put pen to paper please sit and think and get the facts before you write.


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