Chutney 2019 Sham Aiho By Sunil Ramsundar

Audio Recording of Death Threats to Chutney Artiste Released to the Public


If anyone recognise this voice making these serious threats get in contact wit me on 334 1198.on january 3rd 2020 the same person called and said sumone paid them forty thousand dollars to kill me my wife and children and if i wanted to stay alive i have to give them 45000.i didnt took it serious that time until monday nite gone which was the 2nd of march 2020 two guys came home by my house wit guns to shoot me.i wasnt at home at that time.i was singing at a function in todds road.the guys pointed the gun at my wife and children.this recording i did is wen i left the function and was heading home.the person called.wen i dropped out by the police station the person called again and saying that he know im in the station making ah report and that i had on ah red shirt and i really had on ah red shirt and he keep saying he and the police is friends.anyone recognise this voice plz let me know.thanks.






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