Ramdew Chaitoe Biography

Ramdeo Chaitoe

Ramdew Chaitoe (19 December 1942 – 6 June 1994) was a Surinamese artist and a harmonium player, who released a Baithak Gana album called The King Of Suriname a.k.a The Star Melodies of Ramdew Chaitoe in 1976. Rumors exist about how Chaitoe started his career singing in jail after being arrested in a bar fight. Ramdew grew up on a farm. His father,…… Continue reading Ramdew Chaitoe Biography


Ilusionzz Crossover Band Biography

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The Ilusionzz Crossover Band was formed in the year 2011. This band started of as a cruise ship band. They performed Soca, Rock and Reggae on cruises and as far as the US and some of the Caribbean Islands. After three years, the band started doing different genres and style of music such as pop,…… Continue reading Ilusionzz Crossover Band Biography


Dil E Nadan (Band) Biography

Dil E Nadan

Dil e nadan was formed in 1957 by the late Usaf Khan and Ramnarine Moonilal. Dil e nadan won the Prime Minister’s Trophy for best indian orchestration which was judged by the late great Mohammed Rafi 1962. The band enjoyed a lot of success in the years to follow and dominated the local indian industry.…… Continue reading Dil E Nadan (Band) Biography


Sundar Popo Biography

Sundar Popo

Sundar Popo,(Sundar Popo Bahora) was born on 4th November 1943 in the village of Monkey Town,Barrackpore in Trinidad. He was a Trinidadian and Tobagonian musician who was credited as being the father of chutney, which began with the hit “Nana and Nani” in 1969. He came from a family of musicians  where his mother was…… Continue reading Sundar Popo Biography


Everything that a chutney artist should know about “press kit”

Press Kit

 Terminology Traditionally the term, “press kit”, referred to a set of documents, photographs and other relevant materials packaged together, and designed to be sent to a newspaper or magazine as part of an organisations Public relations or promotional program. Recently, as print media circulation and readership levels have been declining,[1] marketing and PR people have begun using…… Continue reading Everything that a chutney artist should know about “press kit”


Nishard Mayrhoo (Nishard M)

Nishard Mayrhoo

The talented ,Nishard Mayrhoo was born on July 29th 1987.He attended the Avocat Vedic School and the prestigious Presentation College in San Fernando, Trinidad. Later on he attended the University of the West Indies,where he achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Geometric Engineering. Nishard didn’t have any musical background,but while he attended primary school his family,friends…… Continue reading Nishard Mayrhoo (Nishard M)


Vee Ram (Vishnu Ramkaran)

Vee Ram

Vee Ram whose name is Vishnu Ramkaran grew up in Navet Village of Rio Claro and started singing from the tender age of 4 years old where he even performed at a Divali program in Tableland. Vee Ram was the only young one in his family growing up and started listening music from the local…… Continue reading Vee Ram (Vishnu Ramkaran)


Neval Chatelal Biography

Neval Chatelal

Neval Chatelal, one of the most versatile and talented singer of Trinidad and Tobago grew up in Chase village, which is situated in central Trinidad. He attended Presentation College in Chaguanas before he ventured into studying instrumentation at UTT. Chatelal is known for his versatility in various genres of music and Indian classical music is…… Continue reading Neval Chatelal Biography


Rikki Jai Biography

Rikki - Jai

Rikki Jai was born on 17.10.64. His parents names are Pahalad and Elista Jaimingal. His siblings are Raymond,Mindea,Nimatee,Dhanraj and Angeline.He attended St.Paul’s Anglican,Naparima College,St.Steven College and Queens College New Yorke.Rikki has dark/brown eyes,5’6″ in height and is happily married to Shelly Ann Jaimungal.He is also the father of two handsome boys Aashish and Vaashish and…… Continue reading Rikki Jai Biography


Chutney Soca Monarch Finals 2019 Official Results

Order of Appearance in the Chutney Soca Monarch 2019 Grand Final Competition

On Saturday 16th of February,Chutney Soca Monarch Finals 2019 was held at Skinner Park, San fernando. The competition consisted of 21 contestants and was one of the most anticipated events for the Carnival season.It began at 10pm with an opening performance by the Band Karma featuring front liners Ravi B and his sister, Nisha B.…… Continue reading Chutney Soca Monarch Finals 2019 Official Results