Avi Da Artiste - From Nothing To Something

Avi Da Artiste – From Nothing To Something


When it comes to my goals in life, it has always been to see progress and growth. I love to learn from my mistakes. This song is for anyone facing a struggle but still dream big. As humans, we all start with nothing but, what we choose to do with this life builds our legacy and shapes our existence. Many persons may enter your life with negative energy. This song is a candle of inspiration designed to remind you to stay focused. Dream big. Ensure that these persons affect your mindset. To everyone facing a battle with mental health or any struggle, I love you. You will make it through. Remember that diamonds are formed under pressure.

Produced by: Avinash M (Avi Da Artiste)
Written/ Composed: Avinash M (Avi Da Artiste)
Mixed and Mastered: Noble Touch
Background Vocals: Vernice Herreira (TriniBaby)
Directed and Filmed: Niko Encina (Capture Niko)
Edited: Otter Visuals
Concepts: Avi x Royale x Niko
Special Thanks: Royale Again, Anton Greenidge, Chris Nine and Shaq Wilson.


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