Rasika Dindial - Lazy Man (Them Man and Them So Lazy, They Don't Want to Wuk!)

Barki Bhun Bhunai Lyrics & Translation


Rasika Dindial’s song “Barki Bhun Bhunai” (2017) follows a common narrative found in chutney music. Featuring vocals from Ravi B., Dindial sings from the perspective of a young woman living in a traditional joint family home with her in-laws. She is commenting about the married life and domestic quarrels taking place between her “barka” (husband’s elder brother) and “barki” (husband’s elder brother’s wife). Her sister-in-law becomes upset by her brother-in-law’s wandering eyes for a young lady. She resorts to not speaking or cooking and cannot sleep, while he does not see the harm in what he perceives to have just been a harmless joke.
Art: Christina Morton
Barki bhunbhunai bhunbhunai bhubhunai
Sister-in-law is grumbling under her breath
Barka dekhe chauri toh barki bhunbhunai
Brother-in-law was looking at a young lady so sister-in-law is grumbling under her breath
Barka taake larki toh barki bhunbhunai
Brother-in-law was gazing at a young lady so sister-in-law is grumbling under her breath
Barka barki bazaar mein gaile
Brother-in-law and sister-in-law went to the market
Chauri dekhat barka muskai
The brother-in-law was smiling looking at a young woman
Ghar mein barki nahi bolat hai
At home sister-in-law is not speaking
Nahi bolat hai nahi bolat hai
She is not speaking at all
Barka un par khoob hasai
Brother-in-law is laughing at her
Khana pakaawe nahi karat hai
She is not cooking any food
Barka bechara bhook lagai
Poor brother-in-law is feeling hungry
Ratiya barkhi neend na aile
All night sister-in-law is not sleeping
Barka mann mein nahi samajai
Brother-in-law does not understand why
Contributed by The Cutlass

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