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Arianna Thackurdeen


Arianna Thackurdeen is currently 15 years old and a sophomore, 10th grader, at Boone High School. She is in the law magnet and strives to be a criminal lawyer when she grows up. She started out high school with enough credits to be a junior at the time and she is currently taking multiple senior level classes as well as several AP classes. Not only is Arianna in high school but she is also in College. She is a dual enrollment student at Valencia College and intends to get her Associates degree before she graduates high school. Arianna also has taken several courses on Florida Virtual School. She has a 4.0 unweighted GPA and a 4.8 weighted GPA. During her freshman year she has completed 52 hours of community service and is still volunteering at many places to help our community become strong.

Arianna Thackurdeen has been playing piano and singing since she was 3. When she turned 8 she started playing harmonium and learnt various songs. She originally started out with singing Dhoons and Kurtans. After about 4 years she started singing Bhajans. About 2 and a half years later she started singing various genres such as bollywood, chutney, bhajans, bhaitak gana, bhojpuri and many more.

Arianna Thackurdeen started out her journey attending Saraswati Devi Mandir when she was a few weeks old She became familiar with the people around her and as she grew older and she started singing she began to get the courage to sing infront of everyone in mandir. Her first performance was at mandir when she was 8. She has participated in many events and shows for mandir. She has sung at mandir Diwali pageants, at mandir holiday shows and for regular mandir service every sunday.

Arianna Thackurdeen started dancing when she was 8 years old. She started out dancing khatak in a group for Vashni Dance Academy. After a year she joined Bharati Dance Academy and danced chutney, bollywood, khatak, and indian. About 2 and a half years later, she started teaching herself and still teaches herself. She currently dances indian, bollywood, khatak, chutney and soca. To spread our culture she has not only performed at indian events, but also for people of another religion. She has performed multiple times in Trinidad and Tobago, and in New York for family events. She has also performed for mandir shows for the entertainment of the audience.

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