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Bunty Singh


Cahit Singh Mohanlall better known as Bunty Singh was born on April 12th 1990 in Bath Settlement, West Coast, Berbice, Guyana. He is world renowned singer, music producer, father and husband. To date, he has two kids, a boy and a girl. He is married to Valerie Baran who owns a dance group named “Berbice Delights” which has won the Guyana Chutney Dance Competition 3 years in a row. Bunty is a decorated performer who has participated and won the following competitions:

  1. GTT jingle and song competition 2 times, Placing 10th then 5th.
  2. Top 10 in the Emerging Voice Competition and Won the Mohammed Rafi Segment
  3. kala utsav competition SPONSORED by the Guyana hindu dharmic sabha
  4. 2003 1st dholak
  5. 2004 1st harmonium
  6. 2005 1st duet singing.
  7. 2004 2nd male Singing
  8. 2006 2and male singing
  9. 2007 2nd male singing
  10. 2008 2nd Male singing
  11. 2009 won best newcomer
  12. 2015 3red
  13. 2016 1st king of chutney
  14. 2017 2and
  15. 2018 1st king
  16. 2019 2nd
  17. 2020 king

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