Daddy Chinee

Ricardo Melville or Daddy Chinee was born on June 26th 1973 in Tobago but was raised in Trinidad. He started singing at the age of thirteen (13) in school and churches and at the age of eighteen (18) started it professionally. In addition, he made his first professional guest appearance at the Toco Composite High School graduation ceremony then went on to perform at other venues such as Arima Velodrome, National Stadium and at The Government Classic Rosso Tent. At the age of twenty-one (21) he performed at the “Kiskadee Caravan”.

Ricardo Melville & Sangita
Ricardo Melville & Sangita

Daddy Chinee is considered a very versatile artiste in the T&T music industry. He entertains as a crossover artist singing Soca, Chutney-Soca, Reggae, R&B, Pop and related. He has travelled extensively to places such as Canada, Winnipeg, New York, Holland, Spain, Europe- Barcelona, Guyana, Tortola and Barbados just to name a few.

He has performed in bands such as Kaliyan, Roy Cape All Stars, Sound Revolution, Jah Vibes, Melobugz, T&TEC Gayatones now known as the GT band, Trishul, Dil-E-Nadan and former founder & owner of the band ‘Hipnotic’.

Currently Daddy Chinee is a member of the RG Band lead by Rishi Gayadeen. Daddy Chinee tireless efforts and savage determination has earned this talented individual the respect and notoriety he now enjoys in his native country as well as around the world. He still has that hunger and drive every true artist is born with. He admits he receives the most joy on stage when the positive vibration from the audience is absorbed.

Stated Mission: To have his music entice people all year round. “don’t matter race”.

Latest Info: Just signed a contract with Music of the Sea, Inc (“MOTS”) represented by Island Dragon Music.

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