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Sasenarine Hitnarayan (HTN)


Sasenarine Hitnarayan was born on the 16th of October 1992 and hails from #68 village on the Corentyne Coast in East Berbice. Sasenarine started his singing career at a tender age of 5 years where he remembered rendering his first bhajan at the mandir “Tum Hi Maata”. Since that time he became a member of the Kirtan group and took every opportunity he had to sing. He has a great passion for singing and cricket and as an artiste he sees music as a tool for uniting people across boundaries..

As time went by he graduated from Skeldon High School and eventually in 2009 started working as an agronomy hand at the Skeldon Estate until it was closed. Sasenarine said that his love for music grew so much that he utilized all the opportunities afforded to him.
In 2013 he entered the GTT jingle and song competition and was selected on the finals.
But he was not able to compete in the financials because of financial situations.But that never stopped him from fulfilling and living his dream.

Then in 2013 he met Bunty Singh,who was now setting up his recording studio in BKVJ in shieldsTown West Berbice.It was at this time he recorded his first song “You are my love”.
He wrote this song because of real life situation where he had a serious heartbreak.
This song eventually became a hit,which made him happy and one step closer to his dreams.

To date he has recorded and released 17 songs and is actively pursuing his dreams of becoming an acclaimed Singer locally and internationally.He has been entering competitions,including The Chutney Soca Monarch where he placed second.
He is hoping one day he will win that crown and become king.His track for this years competition is called “love and Unity”
This song call all guyanese people to come together as one Peoples as one nation and live in harmony.

Saesnarine hopes to take this years crown and works towards revolutionizing the Chutney music scene,making it more about addressing issues and promoting national harmony. He advises his fellow artistes to support each other and don’t try to bring down each other just to benefit themselves.Finally saesnarine plans to continue influencing the kind of change Guyana needs through his music.