First Rennie now Blaxx suffering with Renal Complications

First Rennie now Blaxx suffering with Renal Complications


1: Growing up as a kid my big brother, Rennie has always been there for me. Our bond is forever.

2: When I entered into the carnival circuit together with my DIL E NADAN, Blaxx together with uncle Roy Cape and the band always maintained a close friendship.

Today my brother , Rennie and our good friend , Blaxx are both facing some challenges due to Renal failure BUT I believe they will overcome with our help and with God but their side. I know financially it’s a huge strain on anyone going through what they are. Let’s reach out and help them both please. They have given so much to our beautiful country and our people ….. 🙏🙏🙏

Singer Dexter “Blaxx” Stewart is back in hospital.

Blaxx’s manager told Newsday on Tuesday that he was not doing well and they could not speak except to confirm that he was back in the hospital with excess fluid in his lungs.

Newsday reported on October 11 that he had been discharged from hospital after surgery for an undisclosed illness. He was then said to have been resting at home.

An anonymous source said on Sunday, “It was very complicated at this time and it surrounded a host of problems which included his kidneys and lungs.

“We pray for his speedy recovery and appreciate all the calls and support so far.”

The source said Blaxx’s medical bills were extremely high and any assistance would be appreciated. Fans and associates of the soca singer were seeking to raise funds for him.

Kes the Band posted on its Facebook page on Tuesday, “Ever since we entered into soca music Sir Dexter Blaxx has always given encouragement and words of advice in his own “plain talk bad manners’ way. You had to listen. Leaders and elders are needed at all times to guide the future. We support you at this time @dsblaxx and wish you true healing.


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