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Bollywood vs Hollywood

Is Bollywood better than Hollywood?

bollywood or hollywood, which one is better? which one is bigger? bollywood or hollywood which one is first?

We live in a world of choices, especially when it comes to movies and TV series, but the biggest names out there are Hollywood and Bollywood.

Hollywood is known to all parts of the world while Bollywood is mostly popular around Asia, Africa, and the middle east.

But let’s compare them and see which one is better!


I know we have a musical genre in Hollywood but music is the beating heart in Bollywood. No matter what genre their movies are about, cute dancing and singing scenes throughout their movies which is so much fun to look at.


Although there are a few creative Indian movies like “Sholay” (which was a huge success), most of the stories are either the same or a copy-paste from Hollywood.

They need to add a little more creativity to gain more international viewers.


In Bollywood, the main characters wear both Indian dresses and western while in Hollywood it’s always casual.

It would be cool to see some of Hollywood Icons like Brad Pitt in an Indian costume.


Hollywood does a great job in technology-related scenes in its movies and series while Bollywood has room to grow a lot more than now.


Most Bollywood movies are anywhere from 120-180 minutes while Hollywood movies are barely more than 90 minutes (Except movies like “Schindler’s List”.

Have you seen any good Bollywood movies recently? Do you have any opinions? Share them with us in the comments below.


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