Brandon Poonwassie



Born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1994, music educator & professional musician, Brandon Poonwassie is a peerless musical polymath, invested in the worlds of concert, theater and popular music, be it Western Classical Music & Hindustani Classical Music.

He started his Career in Music at the age of 6 where he debuted on the Piano in the year 2000 at a concert held in his hometown, Woodland. Ever since his debut, he began pursuing his Career in Music. He performs on numerous instruments such as the tabla, dholak, harmonium, accordion, melodion, mandolin, piano, keyboard, santoor, bulbul tarang, guitar. He also sang in the inter-primary school music competition ( Baal Vikaas ) and also performed on the Trinbago National Instrument, the Steel Pan at San Fest Music Festival with St Benedict’s College.

He continued along the path of music during his years and later went on to pursue music at a University level. He is now a graduate of the Academy of the Performing Arts, University of Trinidad and Tobago where he pursued the Sangeet Prathama, Hindusthani Classical Program for 2 years which consisted of Vocal, Harmonium, Tabla and Music Technology. In 2017, Brandon attained a Grade 5 Piano Certificate (Practical) with Distinction of Trinity College London Music and Grade 7 Theory Certificate with Merit of Trinity College London Music. He also aquired a Certificate from the DianJen Media Company after studying key topics on the Music Copyright Law for Caribbean Musicians, Publishing and Licensing, Mixing and Mastering in Studio, Entrepreneurship and Music Business Management to mention a few. He also placed 2nd in the Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition in 2017.

He is currently a final year student pursuing a Bachelors in Musical Arts (Special) at the University of the West Indies.

He has provided musical accompaniment for a number of popular Local Bands and International Artists. He has also been to one of our caribbean island, Barbados, spreading his music.

Poonwassie’s dream, but not limited to, is to spread his music worldwide, become a music director/composer and educator and to one day have his Professional Recording Studio.