Radica has Left and Gone!

The woman who inspired the 2009 Chutney Soca Classic, Radica, passed away on November 10th, 2021 from heart complications from diabetes. Radica, which is her real name was 56 years old and was the former partner of Chutney Soca singer, Kenneth Salick. They were together for 8 years back in the 1990s and had 7 children together. The relationship was ended by Radica after she learnt, Kenneth had cheated on her, the singer recounted. He stated that he made a mistake and if he still lives with that regret to date. She was able to forgive him but not forget but they had an amicable platonic relationship.

G.VON – Sajivan Gayadeen Biography

Soca artiste G.VON is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Hailing from South Trinidad and having been born into a musical background, his passion for music grew with him from childhood up till today and his evolution can be seen through his various tracks to date.

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Chutneymusic.com Awards 2021 Finalists

Vote for your favourite artist in the Chutneymusic.com Awards 2021 by choosing the category then clicking the name of the artist you wish to vote for. You will be redirected to YouTube where you will have to click the artist’s name again. This is the final round and voting ends December 1st 2021.

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