Djagernath Puri By Raju Laloo

Djagernath By Raju Laloo (2019 Chutney)

Description Djagernath Puri Is A 2019 Chutney Song Sung By Raju Laloo From Millennium Starz Int Band, This Track Was Produced, Arranged & Mixed By Rishi Gayadeen, Dholak & Dhantal By Navin Laloo, Mastered By Fm Studio’ Fareed Mohammed (The Godfather). Lyrics No lyrics have been submitted by user 🙁 Listen Download Song

Rhajania By Prince Navin Prabhoo (2019 Traditional Chatak Matak Chutney)

Rhajania By Prince Navin (2019 Traditional Chatak Matak Chutney)

Prince Navin Prabhoo Does A 2019 Traditional Chatak Matak Chutney Called Rhajania, This Track Was Produced By Professor Bounty Targetz Studios.

Rikki Jai – Galia Ke Galia

Rikki Jai Galia Ke Galia (2019 Chatak Matak Chutney)

Rikki Jai Does A 2019 Chatak Matak Remake Of Galia Ke Galia Originally Sang By Satyanand Rekha(Surinam). This Track Was Produced By Rishi Gayadeen & Big Rich, Mixed And Mastered By Big Rich In The Pungalunks Factory, Dholak And Dantal By Akash Daniel At Wizz Studio.

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