Chutney music: What is It? by Amelia Ingram

Amelia Ingram Carnival 2003

What is Chutney music? Anytime you visit Trinidad (especially during Carnival) you will eventually hear the exotic sounds of chutney music blaring from a maxi taxi, playing in a dance club, or on the street. And surprisingly enough, you might be able to hear it in other parts of the Indian diaspora. This presentation is…… Continue reading Chutney music: What is It? by Amelia Ingram

Chris Garcia – Chutney Bacchanal

The Same Photo Of Chris Garcia Every Day

Description Chutney Bacchanal is an original song composed in 1996 by Chris Garcia. The song was a viral hit and is still a classic up to this date because of its wily video which featured Beena Baboolal and the Shiv Shakti dancers. The song also won the Chutney Soca Monarch Finals 2017 Ultimate Challenge. Lyrics…… Continue reading Chris Garcia – Chutney Bacchanal