Junjeezy ft Drupatee – Pullaweh



Chutney 2020 Pullaweh by Junjeezy ft Drupatee x Pungalunks


1. Listen to my story, tell me what you would do.
I and Draupadi went down, to her brother’s barbecue.
She told me if I drink, make sure I won’t drive at all.
‘Cause you are a man, who can’t handle lots of alcohol.

But later in the night, her brother needs two bags of ice.
I told them I will pick it up, I wanted to be nice.
Draupadi’s vexed with me, I had the liquor in my head.
She said, “If I don’t get the car key, we’ll both end up dead.”

2. (Ref) She pulled away (3), my car key, and told me to come.
She pulled away, my car key, and told me to come. (2)
I pulled away (3), his car key, and told him to come.
I pulled away, his car key, and told him to come. (2)

3. Listen Junjeezy, you know you are not easy.
I begged you for the car key, and you’re not giving me.
You will make me cuss, you don’t listen at all.
Put your car key in my purse, or you’ll hold your head & bawl.(Ref)

4. Listen Draupadi, I can’t go to any place with you.
You made me pull it (the car key) out, on Liberty Avenue.
You pulled it all away, till my face became blue.
And the you made me come back, to face a curfew.

We don’t need to argue, you don’t need to shout.
You let everybody get to know, what we’re talking about.
I know what you will say, when you open your mouth.
You always want my car key, anytime you’re going South.(Ref)

5. Bhai, don’t make me angry, don’t get me upset.
The rain fell hard, and the whole place is all wet.
I just want you alive, by the end of the night.
Before you drink & drive, let me hold your car key in sight.(Ref)


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