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Chutney Artist Involved In Life Threatening Car Crash

Anil known as Mr Duniya of NYC was Involved In a Life Threatening Car Crash. See excerpt of his FB post:

Only god knows how and why he gave me the strength to crawl out of this vehicle- grateful to be able to able to post this and live to tell this story- 2 broken ribs fractured neck spine and nose- but i am breathing and i am walking and not many can say that- yesterday was a rude awakening of how short life is- after dropping my parents to the airport to go do the final rights for my poowah- simple drive to work lead to the scariest experience in my life… I thank everyone that stuck by me and that reached out thus far- i love you all- and i love living- and i will be back on my feet soon- God wants it as such… ✊🏽💪🏽🤟🏽

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