Chutney Artist Receives a DEATH THREAT!

Seems like some people want to do more than run a pipeline in Sunil Ramsundar‘s place! A mere hours after being placed in the’s Top 100 Chutney Artists of 2019, the rising star received a death threat via telephone which informed him that a $40,000 hit was put out on him and that he would not last the night if a sum of $45,000 was paid.

When interviewed, the Chutney Singer stated that He had no doubt that it was someone in the Chutney Industry who orchestrated this and further alleged that in a studio in Trinidad, two veteran artistes were plotting his downfall. One of them vowed to use “Spiritual Means” to get back at the rising star.

Could this be a case of jealousy?

Sunil had a 2019 that most Chutney Artists would dream to have in their entire career after releasing several hits like Pipeline, Rotay Rotay, Ratiya Nahi Aibay, Bombay Se Aaya Mera Dost, Sham Aiho and more. In retrospect, this was a good decision for him as he played dholak, harmonium an dhantal for some of the best in Chutney Music. This lead to Sunil being booked every weekend, colloquially known as “Taking all the wuk!”. Work which would have been gotten by the heavier hitters of Chutney Music.

Could this be a hoax?

Sunil is not taking any threat idly and has remarked that a police report was immediately made. His message to the Threatening Party particularly if they are Chutney Artists is that they should spread a pal and bring dholak, dhantal and harmonium and let’s settle it Chutney style like in the days of our forefathers.

We at, hope that Sunil continues be alive and well and recording Chutney music.

Here is some of his songs for you to listen to, to get a feel of his Chutney Music:


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