Chutney In London Presents: Hitman – I Am Legend [Remixed by Dr. Selectah]


Chutney In London are proud to release “I Am Legend” – featuring 20 of The Legendary Hitman’s biggest party tracks, remixed by Dr. Selectah. This is guaranteed to rock any party so make sure you don’t miss out! Respect to Hitman for everything he’s done, and continues to do, for the Chutney Music scene!


01 Don’t Hold Me Back
02 Mr Shankar
03 The Spanna
04 Wey Yuh From
05 Noonie Juice
06 Cool Yuhself
07 Bring De Rum
08 Fire Water
09 Pelt Up
10 Ab Na Jaibe
11 Parbatee
12 Rum Is Not Meh Lovah
13 Take A Drink With Me
14 Tek Meh Gyal
15 Jep Sting
16 Meri Sapnon Ki Rani
17 Zindagi Ek Safar
18 Mujhko Tandalagi
19 Gyal Just Leave That Man
20 Manzanilla
21 Dhobia (Original)
22 Outta Timin’ (Original)



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