Chut­ney Singer Ram­ra­jee Prab­hoo Has Joined The Pnm

Chut­ney Singer Ram­ra­jee Prab­hoo has joined the PNM


Chutney singer Ramrajee Prabhoo

Shas­tri Boodan

Chut­ney singer Ram­ra­jee Prab­hoo has joined the PNM.

Prab­hoo was spot­ted sit­ting in the front row on Tues­day night at the PNM’s meetingat Sig­na­ture Hall, Ch­agua­nas.

Prab­hoo ar­rived around 6.30 pm anx­ious to hear what Prime Min­is­ter Kei­th Row­ley had to tell sup­port­ers.

How­ev­er, the ush­ers moved her be­fore the meet­ing start­ed to a seat much fur­ther back.

Prab­hoo said she is hop­ing to go for a seat on the Cou­va/Tabaquite­Tal­paro Re­gion­al Cor­po­ra­tion in the up­com­ing Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment Elec­tions.

Prab­hoo had gone went be­fore the UNC screen­ing com­mit­tee hop­ing to get picked for the 2010 Gen­er­al Elec­tion for the Ca­roni Cen­tral seat.

How­ev­er, she was blanked and the seat giv­en to Dr Bhoe Tewari, a for­mer COP MP.

Prab­hoo, who lives at Palmiste Vil­lage, Long­denville, said, “I am in­ter­est­ed in be­ing a coun­cil­lor for the area, I know that Dr Row­ley means good and for the peo­ple of my vil­lage, my con­stituen­cy. I hope that Dr Row­ley se­lects me to be a coun­cil­lor for Ca­roni Cen­tral.”

Prab­hoo said her move is not “re­al­ly a switch” from one par­ty to the nextbut rather “who is work­ing and who is in­ter­est­ed in the lives of citix­ens, to bet­ter the lives of cit­i­zens.”

Prab­hoo said she be­lieves that Row­ley is a nice per­son who has to be re­spect­ed by every­one. Prab­hoo said she was im­pressed with Row­ley’s at­tempt to curb cor­rup­tion. Prab­hoo said cor­rup­tion hits poor na­tion­als the hard­est.

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