CRC 2021 – Rani & Raja Online International Chutney Soca Competition Rani & Raja Competition Rani & Raja Competition

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Navita Mahato is the First Ever Chutney Soca Rani (Queen)
Ricardo “Daddy Chinee” Melville is the First Ever Chutney Soca Raja (King)


CRC 2021 Raja Preliminary Contestants

CRC 2021 Rani Preliminary Contestants presents the Rani & Raja Competition or CRC. CRC 2021 is an Online International Chutney Soca Competition.

  • Online so there are no COVID 19 concerns
  • International to reach maximum amount of competitors
  • Two winners in one competition, Raja part for Men
    and Rani part for Women.

For the first time ever a Rani or Queen will be crowned. For the men a Raja will be crowned.


  1. To enter the competition is FREE.
  2. Enter by submitting a one minute of you singing your song using a professionally recorded instrumental or live backing instruments. Think of the video submission as a live audition.
  3. You cannot submit Official Music Videos</>
  4. English compositions allowed but bonus points available for proper usage of Hindustani.
  6. Bonus points available for Original lyrics and melody.
  7. Usage of bollywood melodies are allowed but will attract a 15 point penalty.
  8. Book songs are allowed
  9. Songs that have been professionally recorded by another artist cannot be used. For example, An artist cannot sing over Lootay La etc.
  10. You may use your song which was used in any other competition
  11. If you have any concerns over your song selection, please contact us.


The preliminary round deadline is the 19th December 2020. Add to Facebook Event Calendar

Contestants can enter by uploading a one minute video of you singing your song live using a professionally recorded instrumental or live backing instruments.

Upload the video here

The Uploaded Videos will be uploaded to our Facebook and the video with the most views, interactions will be given a ticket to the Semi Finals. One Female, One Male.

A Facebook Poll will be done for People’s Choice of which the most popular Male & Female make it to the Semi-Final.

A panel of judges will select the 10 best female and male competitors to move onto the Semi-Finals. Therefore in total a maximum of 24 competitors, 12 males and 12 females will contend in the Semi-Final.


The Semi-Final round would shown live on Facebook & YouTube on the 23rd January 2021. Add to Facebook Calendar.

Contestants would be required to perform their full song live at the comfort of their own home or otherwise.

The judges will select 3 finalists minimum and Facebook voting could determine 2 maximum wildcards that could move onto to the Final. Hence a maximum number of 10 persons will contest the finals. Five men and Five women.

Grand Final

The 10 Finalists will compete on a live show where the judging panel will be present. The Grand Finals will take place on the 6th February 2021. Add to Facebook Calendar.

The Judges will be present online  and would be rating performances live and giving comments. The score sheets would be handed to an Auditor for tally and verification.

Judges decision final.

Facebook poll alone in place to discover People’s Choice Award (the voting should not impact scoring).


To be determined.

Judging Criteria
  1. Originality – 20 points
  2. Creativity – 20 points
  3. Performance/Stage Presence – 20 points
  4. Singing Ability (Voice Control & Intonation, Sing on Key) – 20 points
  5. Public Voting via Facebook – 20 points
  1. Ivana Gobin
  • DR Visham Bhimull (🇹🇹)
  • DR Sharda Patasar (🇹🇹)
  • Sneha Khanwalkar (🇮🇳)
  1. Trinidad Express
  2. TV6 Morning Edition
  3. TnT Newsday
  4. Loop TT
  5. TT Guardian
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