Amidst Criticism & Compliments Keiron Lal to release Debut Album

Keiron Lal First Album

Almost three years ago I recorded my first song. I faced many criticisms and bashings as well as appreciation and compliments. The journey as my music progressed has opened my eyes to music itself. Before I began to sing I took music for granted as I saw it as very easy and anyone can do it. Yes it is so, but from writing to recoding to performing, you start to see the effort that artistes put in. The hours in studio doing vocals and harmonies, just to see those smiles and dancing feet of you, the fans, for that 3 to 4 minutes. As a chutney soca artiste, I get criticised a lot because chutney music is stereotyped to be easy to do. I was guilty of that thinking until I started to actually do it. That lyric or hook you hear that you sing over and over took weeks if not months to compose.

Over the past 3 years I have learnt a lot and experienced new things from singing at Chutney Brass to singing at Chutney Soca Monarch. Along the way as I said I faced criticisms, but I had the support of my parents, my girlfriend and my family. Now I am proud to announce the release my first album entitled EXPERIENCE, where I share my experiences through the journey of my music.
Not only Chutney but Soca and a bonus track that you would not expect. As promised, new things to expect.

I would like to give thanks to God most importantly for the talent he blessed me with. Also my wonderful team Shania Mohammed, Kevin Moh’d and Kess Ramroop. Special shouts as well to the man who does these great artworks, Himraj Bir.

Look out for the release of my new album FREE to download. I chose the date to be released, the same day I turn 24 on Wednesday 13th May, 2020. What better day than the day I was born lol?

Thanks if you read it out to this point lol.

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