Danadaye Narine “The Picka Chooka Me!” to make a triumphant return to Chutney Music in December 2018

Danadaye Narine & Climaxxx
Danadaye Narine & Climaxxx

Danadaye Narine & Climaxxx

Get ready for the return of the “Bhaigan” and get ready for the return of yet another icon!!
Climaxxx is doing again!
He is bringing back the popular “Bhaigan Wale” with Dandaya Narine.
Chutney Soca News got the exclusive on this latest collaboration.
The young star says he admires the contributions icons like Ms Narine and others like her have made to our culture. He has been setting a trend by working alongside some of the biggest names in the Chutney and Soca Industries.
From Neeshan “The Hitman” Prabhoo to the Late Jameer Hosein to the Sweet Soca Man Baron and now Dandaya Narine, there is no telling who he has in mind for the next collaboration or whether or not this is the last of his “Legend meets the Future” saga. Climaxxx and his legends have been working alongside Rishi Mahato at Maha Studios. This remix is written by Kelvin Kissoon alongside Kess Ramroop.
Climaxxx has already set a release date for this song. He is deeming it “D- Day”.
“D-Day” is not only a day for this new release but a special day for this icon. Look out for Climaxxxxx and Dandaye Narine on 03rd December, 2018.