Dar Mat Karo Bhaiyā Lyrics by Kanchan


Dar mat karo bhaiya or don’t be afraid brother was sung by Kanchan. These lyrics and translation was provided by Ramkabharosa.


0.A Dar mat karo bhaiyā (Do not be afraid bretheren), dar mat karo.
0.B Look at how old lady is drinking dārū (rum, alcoholic beverages),
She is packing (her) old man in lil-lil (little-little) ballyhoo (flat-bottom boat)
[i.e., she is oppressing her old man]. (Āṛāūī)

  1. Old lady told old man, “Old man, you (are) getting old.”
    Old man told old lady, “but me na cold.” (i.e., I can still do it.)

  2. Nowadays some old ladies (are) looking for joys;
    They are leaving their old men and taking young boys.(Ref)

3.Look at how the chickens (chicks) are following the (mother) hen;
Just like how some young girls are following old men.

  1. Look at how some young boys don’t have any shame;
    They are using the young girls & then talk (besmirch) their names.

  2. Never trust an old man, bhaujī, the reason why (is because).
    His mouth always runs (he always talks), and (he) always lie(s).



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