Dee Baba By Pt Rayendredoebe Kalpoe

Dee Baba by Pt Rayendredoebe Kalpoe


This song is in adoration and glorification to Dee Baba or Sangani /Sangili Karuppasamy (A form Lord Shiva ) Karuppu Sami (Tamil: கருப்புசாமி) also known as Sangili karuppan is one of the regional Tamil Village Guardians or deities who are popular among the rural social groups of South India, Trinidad, Guyana Jamaica, Suriname South Africa, Fiji and other countries. Karuppu (in Tamil) means Black and Sami means God. Hence he is associated with darkness, night, etc. In the ancient Tamil society, or Madrasi people venerated the Veerargal (or warriors) and had the formless stones erected in memory of them. These fallen warriors who sacrificed their life for a good cause such as protection of the welfare of the society or the community are revered by all. Just like other martyr. Karuppanar is believed to protect the poor, and ensure justice and self-discipline among his believers. It is also believed that He is a fierce warrior who never forgives those who sinned or those who commit crimes. It is believed that He shoos away all evils and devils from entering the village.He masters all land and is a warrior who blocks all evil entering a boundary. Pt Kalpoe have united the South Indian Tamil language, Drummers Thappu and Udkai, Worship with North Indian Language, drums, and worship. These style of songs are most popular in the Caribbean. Drummers are from Trinidad and Guyana. Tamil mantra singer is from Trinidad and Pt Kalpoe from Suriname
Thappu Drum by Ajai Koopchand Guyana
Tassa Drum by Krishna Partap
Tamil Mantra and Udkai drum by Pujari Kendel Ragoonanan
Music and Mastering by Professor Bounty Target

Pictures of murtees around the world thank you for your beautiful pictures and video clips.

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