Devashish Ramdath


Devashish Ramdath is a 24-year-old young man who resides in Chaguanas. He lives with both parents (retired) whom he considers as the pillars in his life. He graduated from UWI in 2019 and now holds a bachelor’s degree in Geomatics Engineering. He currently works as a Data Conversion Officer at a GIS company based in UWI. His interest in music came about at an early age, where he learned to play the Tabla at the tender age of six (6). From then with this gift from God, he continued to learn the art of playing various traditional musical instruments by himself. He has been a Dholak player for the last nine (9) years, and for the last five (5) years he has been singing and accompanying himself on the Harmonium and occasionally the Dholak. Devashish started singing because he had an undying love for “Local Classical Songs” and a lot of people expressed their views such as “You have the ideal voice for Classical and Chutney songs” which also motivated him and over the past 5 years he ventured into singing bhajans, classical, chutney and film songs. He was given his stage name by D.J. Sheriff which is entitled “Deva Raja” which chooses to abide by. Devashish firmly believes that sincerity and humility can allow a person to soar to great heights, and so he continues to pursue his musical career with that same trait and he thinks that he should be the Sangeet Chutney Cup Champion 2020 because he has been striving really hard over the past five (5) years and thus has a lot to offer to the industry such as Original and Clean Lyrics (Hindi/Bhojpuri and English), Original Melodies and most importantly he aims to stick to our roots and culture in keeping “Ground Singing” alive.






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