Dil Ki Awaaz (Band) Biography

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The band Dil Ki Awaaz was formed in the 70’s but between the late 80’s to the 90’s there was a major change with respect to the members of the band. The only foundation member still in the band is the Manager, Soondar Sooknarine.

Soondar, a retired Principal, is also one of the lead vocalists and has produced hits such “Phulo K Har”, “Hai Apana Dil” and “Jhumuru” just to name a few.

Sudesh Sooknarine, a teacher by profession and currently perusing a degree in Education, is the leader and Musical Arranger for the band Dil Ki Awaaz. Sudesh, famous for his fast keyboard style of playing, has done work with most of the major chutney bands in the world like Dil E Nadan and Gayatones just to name two and has also worked with most of the major chutney artist in the world.

Junior Ramkisson, a teacher by profession pursuing his degree in art, is the percussionist and back up vocalist for the band Dil Ki Awaaz.

The late Navin Sooknarine was a Lab Technician was one of the few sax players existing in an Indian band.

Vijay Jagdeen, an Electrician by profession is another vocalist and Bass Guitarist for the band Dil Ki Awaaz and famous for the remix version of “Musu Musu”.

Current members of DKA the band –

Soondar Sooknarine
Sudesh Sooknarine
Junior Ramkissoon
Vijai Jagdeen
Raval Sooknarine
AJ Arjoon
Nicole Sooklal
Shalini Goupaul
Risha Ramlal
Parbattee Sooknarine

Their music can be heard on the following website www.reverbnation.com/dilkiawaaz.

You can also follow their music on Facebook and youtube



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