Dr Mohan Kaul joins the Global Indian Ambassadors

Press Release: On behalf of the Global Indian, it is a pleasure to announce the joining of Dr Mohan Kaul to our Global Indian Ambassadors program.

Dr Kaul brings over 30 years dedicated international experience.  From setting up the Commonwealth Business Council through to hosting over 50 high-level initiatives and forums involving heads of government, senior ministers and top business leaders in a number of countries primarily in South Asia and Africa, he has been a friend to the series and it is a privilege to have him supporting us in this important capacity.  

On being awarded the prestigious position Dr Kaul commented:

“The Global Indian Series is a remarkable platform that has reinvigorated a notion of identity custodianship. It has successfully bridged communities and brought together likeminded individuals from across the globe that are shaping a better destiny for all. I look forward to assisting in developing the work of the platform and serving alongside this highly prestigious community of people. We need to redefine the social structures to enable a fair and equitable society.“

This was echoed by Global Indian Ambassador – H.E President Donald Ramotar who congratulated Dr Kaul on his recent election to the Ambassadors program. Speaking from his home in Guyana, he sent his heartiest regards and reiterated the need for positive change to come stating,

“The Global Indian platform is a unifying opportunity to bridge an important gap in both knowledge, expertise, trust and social custodianship amongst the world’s largest community and the countries we now call home. As people of Indian origin, we represent every echelon of society and we should be ingrained into the fabric of positive social change, I believe Dr Kaul would be a strong addition to our noble cause. “

Global Indian Ambassador Lord Rami Ranger congratulated Dr Kaul on the election.

“The work by the Global Indian series and our Ambassadors is more important now than ever before. We live in a divided world, where national borders and identity politics is becoming a dangerous norm.  This initiative requires the greatest talent of minds who can help shape a better future for all. Dr Kaul has worked tirelessly to support the national structure of nations and I am sure will be a valuable voice in our joint efforts of connecting the communities across the globe and a safe space for open conversations.”

Hon Minister of Education, Youth, Sport & Culture for St. Kitts and Nevis and Global Indian Ambassador Jonel Powell added:

“In a world of division, what we are achieving with the Global Indian Platform is a positive movement of change. Bringing together upright intentions in developing ties that bind and assist in enhancing community development. St Kitts and Nevis have a thriving community of people of Indian origin who are represented across our community. I look forward to working closely with our recently elected Ambassador Dr Kaul in developing further ties between the community across the Commonwealth and beyond. “

Dr Mohan Kaul joins our team of global leaders which includes:

H.E. Hon President Donald Ramotar (Guyana) (Caribbean)

Lord Rami Ranger CBE- FRSA (Europe)

H.E Hon Jonel Powel (St Kitts and Nevis)

Hon. Chitra Stern Nee Rathinasabapathy (Portugal)

H.E Dato Seri Andy ( Malaysia)

Dr Megha Wadhwa (Japan)

Rajesh Gopie (South Africa)

Lawrence Narayan (Australia)

Chef Neeraj Tyagi (India)

Sai Shankar Reddy Bokka (Latvir)

Anisa Singh (Guyana / USA)

Aparna Soni (Uruguay)

Each candidate undergoes a stringent selection criterion and must receive 2 nominations from within the Ambassador committee  It is by invite only.

About our Global Indian Ambassadors

Our Global Indian Ambassadors are active leaders in social custodianship, representing the fields of politics, business, entertainment, academia, activism and beyond. They demonstrate integrity in their professions and serve as positive role models through their work.

Our Ambassadors have played a critical role in raising awareness of community building and have continued to use their talent and platform to advocate, educate and fundraise on behalf of the Global Indian Series for a range of activities, including philanthropy.

Our core ethos is to unite in the human experience of us and provide a safe mooring ground for open discussions.  Together our Global Indian Ambassadors have proven that regardless of nationality, perceived status or religion, we can all be a powerful tool in mobilising the support needed in creating environments that thrive on passion, purpose and togetherness.

The role of our Ambassadors is to assist in spreading our work and to provide a bridge that connects economy, politics and society together and serve as a tool in enhancing a true sense of community for people of Indian origin and beyond.

Did you know – Our first Global Indian Ambassador was H.E President Donald Ramotar (Guyana). It is on the foundations of his work towards community cohesion that the Ambassador scheme was developed.

The Global Indian Series is a safe mooring ground for open conversations that plunge into the human experience of being a person of Indian origin from across the Globe.

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