Dulahin Roweh by Rikki Jai


Song: Dulahin Roweh, Artiste: Rikki Jai, Produced by Big Rich, Music by Prince Bhajman, Dholak and Dhantal by Akash Daniel, Written by Rikki Jai and Rakesh Yankaran.

“Indian weddings bring together two families for days of rituals and pomp celebration.

Delicious food and mouth watering sweets are prepared for guests as decorations adorn the ceremonial area ( Mandapp). Tassa drums echo in a joyful manner as guests from both sides dance and celebrate .

When the ceremony is over the Dulaha (groom ) is set to take his Dulahin ( Bride) home with him, the mood at the residence of the Dulahin changes, for the realization steps in that she now has to leave her parents home forever.

This brings on a sorrowful scene where the mother and other female family members cry incessantly as the Bride is placed in the wedding car and they do their final rituals.

As the bride cries also and enters the wedding car leaving her patrimonial home, the groom and his family are all smiling and laughing getting ready to head home and continue the celebrations .

This is the story of “ Dulahin Roweh” the new summer chartbuster from hit makers Rikkijai, Rakesh Yankaran and Big Rich and The Pungalunks Factory.

Sure to be a hit at all weddings parties and soon blazing on a station near you.”


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Dulahin Roweh | Rikki Jai | Chutney 2018


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