East Indian Radio Station turns down 7 year old Girl’s Song because of Her Voice!

A Trinidadian East Indian Radio Station turned down 7 year old Katelin Sultan’s Cover Version of Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka claiming that her voice is NOT GOOD! Her mother had this to say:

101K Views in only 5 days! A radio station turned down this same song Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka saying that 7 year old Katelin Sultan vocals were not good. I am sure I have heard far worst chutney and Bollywood remixes playing on this station. I asked for them to tell me what needs fixing in the song because it has been released on 5 stations with No negative feedback. Why would anyone try to fight down and discourage a 7 year old that has already recorded and released 8 songs in less than 1 year ? I don’t understand, just look at how many people love and support these children on social media, none of the songs , ever recorded by katelin has not gotten a single negative comment. Its more to this story but I wont go into details just yet. I want to thank everyone who share the videos and songs. All who took the time to view, react or comment !
This just goes to show , that your support goes a long way, these kids are so motivated and encouraged by you for they are our future and we are not doing this for money or fame it’s to inspire you…Nothing can stop what God has in store for you and we will continue to do music !

Over to you, What do you think? Here is the song for your review

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