Forever Indian Folk Kajari by Bhojpuri Singer Chandan Tiwari

Dr. Visham Bhimull

Indentured laboreres who came to reside, in what are erstwhile colonies today, brought with them a folk song tradition that gave a narative within the context of the unque climate in India. The Monsoon is a weather pattern observed in India and the Pacific. Kajari is a folk style that ushers in the rains of the monsoon with a narrative from a women’s perspective for the longing of her beloved’s return from abroad where he went to earn for the family. There are still remnants of this style in the Caribbean, especially in the genre of Chutney Music which we will explore in future. Today we give an example of a prevelant song within the modern day Bhojpuri speaking area of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It speaks from a woman’s perspective of her longing for her beloved’s return during the Monsoon. This song mentions the town Mirzapur where many indentured laborers had hailed from. This number is rendered by the renowned Bhojpuri singer Chandan Tiwari.

English Translation
मिर्जापुर कइलन गुलजार हो, कचौड़ी गली सून कईले बलमू
(Mirzapur flamboyantly celebrates, but my street of Kachauri seems empty without you)
एही मिर्जापुर से उड़ले जहजिया, सइया चल गईले रंगून हो
(You left this town of Mirzapur in an airplane and went to Rangoon)
जल बिन तड़पेले जैसे मछरिया, तड़पेले ओइसे ही तोहरी गुजरिया
लगत बहुते जबून हूँ
(Like a fish out of water this lass pines for you. It feels as if a part of me is missing)
बसेला बदरा जुड़ाले धरतिया, मोर बिरहिनिया के धड़केला छतिया, सेजिया पे लोटै कला नाग हो
(The raining clouds drench the dry thirsty earth, but my separation from you causes my heart to beat uncontrolably in my chest. I roll restly in bed like a black snake)

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