GI Beharry wins CSM 25 at Guaracara Park


Guaracara Park was transformed into an International concert venue last night for the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Chutney Soca Monarch. The show which is usually held at Skinner Park in San Fernando was hosted at Guaracara Park for the first time as Skinner Park undergoes a major renovation. The venue proved to be very accommodating to the event, and patrons were very happy with the facilities that were in place for them to enjoy the night.

CSM25 opened last night with performances by Khalanayak Dance Academy, Adesh Samaroo, Neeshan Prabhu, Rabi B and Superblue all backed up by Karma

By the time the opening act was finished, the venue was almost packed with adoring Chutney Soca fans and you could have felt the energy that was building for the competition which opened with Reshma Ramlal.

Performances last night were over the top, with some of the most elaborate portrayals ever done on a stage for CSM over the last 25 years. Artistes went out of their way to ensure that patrons got the best of what the industry had to offer.

Saturday nights show featured a number of foreign contestants, as Raul D, Keipalo, Damian Sookram, Terry Gajraj and Sandesh Siewdien represented Toronto, New York, Guyana and Holland adding a true International flavor to the show.

There was a heavy police, private security, K9 and Fire presence at the venue, and the event was incident free.

At the end of the night, GI Beharry, who had placed 2nd in 2019, emerged as the clear winner with a grand performance and portrayal of his song – ‘Anna Anna’.

Veekash Sahadeo placed 2nd and Nishard Mayrhoo who shared the title in 2019 with Neval Chatelal placed 3rd.

The top ten winners at the CSM 25 are as follows –

1. GI Imram Beharry – 403pts
2. Veekash Sahadeo – 400pts
3. Nishard Mayrhoo – 399pts
4. Ki Persad – 377pts
5. Dubraj Persad – 375pts
6. Veejai Ramkissoon – 373pts
7. Anthony Batson – 357pts
8. Riz & Theatrics – 350Pts
9. Amit Sagram – 347pts
10. Adesh Samaroo – 339pts