Giving Charitable Donations, Gifts & Contributions: Should Photos be Taken?


The Question that has been bubbling on social media especially with the extra economic constraints placed by the quarantine measures imposed by the Covid 19 Pandemic is Should Photos be taken of Acts of Giving Charitable Donations, Gifts & Contributions?

In the Chutney Music Industry some stars has answered the call of persons feeling the economic pinch while others have remained mum on the subject.

Is it wrong to publicise good deeds?

How can we differentiate from persons serving humanity in silence from those who have perceivably done perfectly nothing?

Over to you now, what do you think?

Here is what some notable persons in the Chutney Music Industry have said on the topic:

Please forgive me eh but, something reallllll bothering me. I said to myself I wasn’t gonna say anything about it but, I can’t help it, I need to vent….

I was a victim of this whole “charity” stunt while growing up, not knowing where our next meal was coming from, seeing my mother go to sleep hungry so her sons ate was something I experienced religiously..

People used to give us stuff and even though there was no social media back then that didnt stop the world from hearing what was given to us; A widowed mother and her 2 sons.

Today charity has become a marketing strategy for some people. They will go out and give to the poor just to look good and get people to love them. Only politicians do that in my opinion.

I don’t publish what I do simply because I know what it feels like and unless you know that feeling then I dont expect you to understand. When I see those little kids I say to myself that used to be me.

The rich continues to live off of the poor and I refuse to be apart of the stunt just to look good.

If publishing giving to the less fortunate is what it takes to be seen as good then, I’ll remain bad. Charity should be a selfless act, not one used to exploit the lesser fortunate. I rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Thank you for reading, have a blessed night, remember to practice social distancing and bathe everyday. 😁

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of opinions going around and people commenting about persons who post their social work. Some say it’s just for ‘show’ and ‘publicity’. You may agree or disagree but in my humble opinion, even if a person decides to help a family just for a ‘photo op’ or for ‘fame’, who am I to judge the goodness or genuineness of their deeds? That’s between them and their god.

At the end of the day, their ‘publicity stunt’ will still provide actual measurable help and that family will now be in a little better position than before. What did your comment do? Who did it help?

Not everyone who posts something is doing it for fame or likes. Some people are doing it to raise awareness and encourage others to do the same. In this modern world, social media is the easiest way to do that. Today i feel proud as a Trinbagonian to see how many of our people have risen to the call and are providing much needed assistance all across the country. Keep doing good ❤️. Whether you choose to post it or not is none of my business ✌🏽

Once you’re not filming people’s faces, take your videos giving help. Because there are ppl with money sitting @ home only finding Problems & No solutions!

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