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GoFundMe: Help Rennie Ramnarine Survive Renal Failure

I was diagnosed with Renal Failure in February 2019 and as a result I am currently undergoing dialysis three times a week at the Acropolis Medical Centre in San Fernando. Patients with end stage renal failure need some form of dialysis therapy as a bridge while they wait for a kidney transplant.

In January of this year, I was rushed to the San Fernando General Hospital where I spent one week in ICU and was placed in a ward for another 2 weeks. I was lucky to come out alive, however my heart was damaged due to the health of my kidneys.

“When the kidneys are not working well, your hormone system which regulates blood pressure has to work harder to increase blood supply to the kidneys. When this happens, your heart has to pump harder which can lead to heart disease.”

As a result of the deteriorating health of my heart I am unable to undergo a kidney transplant at this time. I have had multiple procedures done to improve the health of my heart in order to have a Kidney Transplant.

With no means of Income due to my deteriorating health and the lockdown of the Entertainment Industry to which I am a part of (due to Covid), I am humbly seeking your support in order to continue my fight to survive.

I will continue to update everyone on my progress, as I remain positive that I will overcome this obstacle and be able to survive. In closing I wish to Thank “Restoring Paradise” for initiating this support structure in order to help me. I also would like to thank all my friends, family and my fans who have supported me all my life.

Thank You, Rennie Ramnarine

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