Govinda (Channa) Ramlogan

Facebook Gyal By Govinda Ramlogan Aka Channa (2019 Tobago Chutney Soca)

Tobagonian Govinda “Channa Ramlogan,hails from signal hill.Govinda attended St.Nicholas Primary school,at St.Mary Road,Scarborough and then attended Signal Hill Secondary School where he made an impact playing cricket. He represented Tobago in the under 13,under 15,under 17 and under 19 teams.While attending The Signal Hill Secondary Govinda received numerous awards for cricket,drama and music.

It was at his secondary school that he got the name”Channa” because he loved to eat channa a lot. Govinda also went on to do his diploma in forestry at UTT ECIAF(Eastern Caribbean Institute of agriculture and forestry and he has also received a scholarship to study for his degree in Food Science at UTT ECIAF.Govinda says that after completing his degree he plans to give back to Tobago.

Boodram Holass(The Chutney Legend) is his uncle and he is also the nephew of Phulwattie Beepath.    (The president of the Tobago Hindu Society).
His father  died when he was only 2 yrs old. His mother Ramdai Holass Ramlogan and brothers Teeka and Bhemull went into agriculture to earn a living.

Govinda says he used to play the drum and sing for them while they were planting. At that point in his life he began composing and writing songs. Then in 2019 he released his first chutney Soca “Facebook Gyul” which was inspired by his observance of the growing culture of deception created by Facebook users.He definitely has deep family ties with Chutney Music.

As a newcomer and upcoming artiste he hopes to make it big. Finally he says he wants to contribute to the growth of the island Tobago.

Author- Sangeeta Harrypersad D’Songstar


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Graduated with Bachelors of Science in Food Science and Technology, specialized in Nutrition and Dietetics. Received a trophy for UTT MOST WICKETS