Gūlarī ke phūl Rāmā Hindi Lyrics English Translation & Meaning

Rasika Dindial Gularie Ke Phool Meaning

Here is another folk song about the tensions that exist between the bride her husband and his brother. A forbidden love that makes for good Chutney music content and blossoms the unattainable an imaginary cluster fig or Ficus Glomerata (goolari) flower. This is a rendition by Rasika Dindial:

गूलरी के फूल रामा, गूलरी के फूल
Gūlarī ke phūl Rāmā, gūlarī ke phūl
(The Gulari flower, o the Gulari flower)
खेतवा में झूले हो लहरिया बलम…
Khetwā mė jhūle ho lahariyā, balam
(In the filed the the trees rock to and fro like waves in the wind)
होइगे गूलरी के फूल
Hoige gūlarī ke phūl
(Will there be Gulari flowers)

बलवा में गजरा सोभे, अंखिया में कजरा
Balwā mė gajarā sobhe, ankhiyā mė kajarā
(My hair decorated with flowers, my eyes beautified with khol)
माथे सोभे रे टिकुलिया बलम…
Māthe sobhe re ṭikuliyā, balam…
(The part of my hear decorated with the surbindi)

गोरे बलम बैरी हमरा देवर लहरी
Tohare balam bairī devar laharī
(My beautiful beloved unfaithful, my younger brother-in-law enticed)
बिचवा में लड़ गइ नजरिया बलम
Bichwā mė laṛ gai najariyā, balam…
(Gazes meet in the middle of the field)

गोड़े में पायल बाजे हाथों में कंगना
Goṛe mė pāyal bāje hāthon mė kanganā
(Anklets decorate my feet and bangles my hands)
चाँद से चमके जवनिया बालम
Chānd se chamke jawaniyā, balam…
(My youth shines with the moon)



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