Happy Birthday Nigel Gobin

Happy Birthday Nigel Gobin born June 9th 1991. Chutneymusic.com reached out to him as reflected on his life thus far and he had this to say:

I have came progressed within the last three years.

My life has changed for the better.

In 2018, I was reintroduced by Big Rich with a song named MY WIFE. SINCE Then I made hits like DRUNK AGAIN in 2019 and followed up with my best song of to date, TWO SENORITAS in 2020.

Outside of music, I have my normal daily job but singing is my main passion win,lose.

I continue to work with Big Rich, I love this dude lol.. my producer.

I Will continue to bring good music CHUTNEY SOCA to the table..

I am single for for the first time in a long time for my birthday but I am happy!

I am simple man who was never born rich or poor but I thank God for allowing me to celebrate my birthday🎂☺️ with my fans, friends & family.

Nigel Gobin Two Senoritas (Official Music Video)

Nigel Gobin & G.I Drunk Again (Official Music Video)

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