Holi or Phagwa

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Holi or Phagwah, the festival of spring is also the season of budding romance and desire.
Dances center on the amorous dalliance of Lord Krishna and his devoted and admiring Gopis (cowgirls).

The dance is characterized by circles (chakra) short sequences of dance (Tukra) and wide, expansive movements suggesting dizzy intoxication and the riotous merriment of the celebration.
Mauj At weddings and other functions away from the eyes of men, women, would dance animatedly to light, fast Bhojpuri folks songs. The graceful and sensual dancing derived from Bhojpuri folk dance. In the Caribbean as social restrictions on male-female relations loosened, such dancing came to be performed by men and women together to lively chutney music.

Mauj is playing chatni, hot and spicy music and dancing by people entertaining themselves for sportive socializing and relaxation. Mauj dancing is a sensuous and coquettish play of work and fancy hip and waist movements are some of the outstanding techniques of this dance style.