Hope for Hindus and Hinduism by Surujrattan Rambachan


On the eve of Divali I was visited by a family who came by to view one of the houses I have constructed for sale at Springland Gardens. With them was a four year old boy. I was playing a song on the smart lighting fixture which he appeared to like. His grand mother told me that he loved bhajans and enjoyed going along with his uncle. I asked him which bhajan he liked. He identified Jai Jagadish Hare. I pulled it down from U Tube and he was delighted. He began to Sing along. At four years old in the eve of Divali his was the light I experienced.
During this Divali Nagar in Chaguanas I experienced the great talent of our artistes whether in dance, songs, music and the steelpan. Every act, every performance spoke of the future of Hinduism. There was devotion in every rendition. It was like a Pooja. I felt comfortable that Hinduism will Flourish in the future.
The work of Rana and Susan Mohip, the Hindu Prachar Kendra, Shivanand and Narendra Maharaj, Seeta Persad and her drama interventions, Talented producer Gideon Hanoomansingh with his cultural productions on video, the hundreds of Hindu leaders in temples and satsangh groups speak of a cadre of persons committed to Hinduism. Just examine the growth of Ganesh Utsav, of Ramleela, Divali Nagar,Hanuman Jsyanti, of Yoga snd you will see the hope I have and feel the confidence I feel.
The Hindu schools are doing a remarkable job of inculcating Hindu values beyond excellence in academia. Outstanding amongst them is the Chinmaya Mission School of Swami Prakashananda. While there are different Hindu groups in our country and while power remains a great divider there is an overarching vision that silently but assuredly unites Hindus. There is a conviction that it is important to do what is required to ensure the Hindu presence in Trinidad and Tobago long into the future. The way Hinduism will survive may not be how we know it today. There will be change but there will be a Hindu base Hindu values Hindu ideals. There will be a modification of rituals. There will be more importance on Hinduism as a way of life. Practice will be influenced by understanding and an intellectual focus. There will be less denigration more respect. A Hindu intelligentsia will emerge. It will be strong and brave. It will flavor national life.
The Hindu consciousness is growing. Yatras, Ramleela, Divali, Satsanghs snd the construction of temples both beautiful and as centers of upliftment and learning will thrive. More community Hindu leaders in communities will emerge. It’s already in progress. Chinmaya Mission, Swami Bramhadev Upadhya In Ckaxtin Bay, Triveni Mandir, Ganapati Temple In Chase Village and with it the work of Hindu visionary Ramesh Persad Maharaj, Sri Ravi Bharati In Latchoos Road, Sai Nilayam In Longdenville, the Sai lotus Temple In Clarke Road constructed by the Seepersad family with dormitory facilities, the Atma Gyaan Temple In St Johns Trace, pundit Randhir Maharaj snd hiscwife Drupstee , pundit Amar Seepersad In Cunupia and his group of temples as well as Pundit Ramdeen of Monroe Road are but a few of the institutions which are demonstrating that the rise of Hinduism is taking place with a vibrancy I have not seen since the 1970,s. There are more people working for a Hindu future than we know. I am grateful to them. Their sacrifices will be rewarded.
Because of them there will be many more four year olds singing Jai Jagadish Hare.
Scripted by Surujrattan Rambachan

PS: the names and institutions mentioned do not represent all of the persons and Hindus working for Hinduism. May Bhagawan bless the efforts of all.






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