HQ Band the New Indo-Caribbean Band from Queens New York

HQ Band the New Indo-Caribbean Band from Queens New York


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, people from all walks of life , Welcome HQ THE BAND !!! HQ represents “Higher Quality” and we are here to produce just that. HQ is an Indo-Caribbean band based out of Queens, NYC. Originally founded by three members, HQ now consists of seven members whose passion and love along with dedication for the art of music basically simmers down to delivering a higher quality of music to the public. Being from NYC we’re surrounded by different flavors and vibes of music from our community which zest gives us the zeal to preserve live music and to elevate it to a different level..a higher level. With our musically inclined 4 musicians along with 3 frontline singers our mission and goal is to bring to the public, through music and live entertainment, a higher quality of live music. Whether it’s performing for one person or thousands of people, we will work together to make any event a spectacular and unforgettable experience.

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